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What is Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

CPRT is all about the relationship and works to address children’s behavioural problems through strengthening the relationship between a parent and a child. Parents of children from 2-10 yo attend an individual/couple or group weekly sessions and then hold weekly 30-minute special play times with their children at home. This program is suitable for most children and beneficial for typically developing and children on the spectrum or with most developmental issues and is approved by NDIS.


For the Child:

Will help with anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, behavioural issues, regulating emotions, following directions, building self-esteem, becoming self-reflective and emphatic.

For the parent:

Will help with parenting frustrations that resorts in yelling and punishment, responding calmly, connecting and setting useful boundaries and limits.

For the Child-Parent Relationship:

Will help in repairing/strengthening the relationship with the child, build deeper connection and easy and joyful communication improving the entire household environment.

More affordable than individual child therapy: The cost of CPRT is usually a considerably smaller fraction of how much the individual therapy can sum up to. It's easier to budget knowing the exact amount and that the play sessions that you will do with your child are unlimited and free of cost. You are skilled up for the rest of your life to resume play sessions with your child as they may need up to 12 years old and revisit your new skills with your grandchildren making it an inter-generational intervention.

CPRT vs other parenting programs

You will be shown how to be therapeutic with your child, just the way it happens in therapy sessions with professional therapist. It's different from other parenting models; it's less overwhelming and deductive and more relaxed and personal. You are not expected to change everything you do, but how to utilise new knowledge in weekly 30 minute play sessions with your child. CPRT, unlike other parenting programs like Triple P and 123 Magic, not as heavily marketed, but has been extensively researched and has proven great outcome.

It's truly a revolutionary program!!!

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