"Toys are my words and play is my language"


Therapy Through Play and Relationships

        "In play, the child is always behaving beyond his age, above his usual everyday behaviour; in play he is, as it were, a head above himself. Play contains in a concentrated form, as in the focus of a magnifying glass, all developmental tendencies; it is as if the child tries to jump above his usual level".
Lev S. Vygotsky

Specialising in working with children from 2 to 10 years of age and their families.

Services/Therapeutic Modalities:
  • Child Centred Play Therapy
  • ASD Therapy/Learn to Play 
  • Integrative Play Therapy
  • Interplay
  • Child-Parent Relationship Therapy/Filial Family Therapy
  • Parent Support
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Tele-Therapy

- Plan and self-managed NDIS
- Medibank Private

The therapies used in this clinic are strictly evidence-based and assist in many of the 

behavioural, emotional, psychological and developmental problems such as: 

  • anxiety and fears,

  • emotional dysregulation,

  • behavioural challenges, 

  • social and conduct difficulties,

  • trauma,

  • sleep problems,

  • anger and aggression,

  • low self-esteem,

  • language ability,

  • selective mutism,

  • apathy,

  • attachment issues,

  • sensory processing and Autism Spectrum Disorder,

  • Asperger Syndrome,

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,

  • Developmental delays,

  • Chromosome Disorders

  • Emotional problems of Cerebral Palsy and other physical, neurological and developmental disabilities.

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Carnegie Central Medical Clinic
Level 2 Carnegie Central
2 Koornang Road, Carnegie
Free 2-3 hour car parking 

Full Disability Access

Tel: 0498177243


  • Restrooms/Disability facilities

  • Baby changing/Feeding room

  • Child toilet

  • Full disability access

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