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Therapeutic Approaches


     We are passionate advocates for Non-Directive Child-Centred Play Therapy.

Our approach to Play Therapy is gentle and respectful of the child. We believe in building trusting, empathic and reciprocal relationships which creates an environment that is safe for the child to process what is needed and to heal. The therapeutic approaches our clinicians use to create individualised interventions are underpinned by the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics developed by Dr. Perry.


Child Centred Play Therapy

       Is most suited for children from 2 to 10 (up to 12 depending on development) years old and is a non-directive approach that is thoroughly evidence-based. Even adults during typical talk therapy can't always express their feelings and thoughts. Children naturally don't have the developmental capacity for such verbal expression yet. A play therapist is trained to read and communicate through play with children helping them to make sense of self and their world. So, 'simple play' and play therapy for children are as different as 'simple talk' and talk therapy for adults.  It's different from the traditional directive and talk therapies and had proven to be the most effective for this developmental age group. In fact, several recent Meta-Analytic Review studies that have looked at its effectiveness and compared it to directive approaches found Child Centred Play Therapy to be superior in its effect size. 

Individual Approach through Integrating with:

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