Individual or Group Tele-Health Filial Therapy 
Child-Parent Relationship Therapy Program

Child-Parent Relationship


Individual/couple Clients -
50-minute sessions
from $165 per session ($180 for NDIS clients) - pay as you go - (individualised number of sessions ranging from 10 to 20 per program)

Groups 4-6 participants -
2-hour sessions weekly over TEN consecutive weeks or
4-hour sessions weekly over
FIVE consecutive weeks:
from $90(2h) or $180(4h) per person per session respectfully totalling from $900 for the entire 5 or 10-week program payable at the start of the program.

For NDIS Plan or Self-managed clients, individual or group (up to 3 participants) sessions are covered under "Capacity Building Supports" and then "Improved Daily Living" subject to a treatment plan.


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Participant's Feedback:

    This is a life-changing course that has allowed me to get on understanding my child and how to interact with her in a positive and happy way. I hope it's shared and spread to other single parents as it is going to be life-changing for this generation and the next and next!                                                                                               Erica Buckley

    It can't be put into words how transformational this program has been for me and my family. Even after just a few weeks/play sessions, I'm noticing a huge difference in both my kids and their behaviour. Can't recommend it enough!                                                                      Claire Bednall

    I found the program gives an almost instantaneous change in the family dynamic. I have learnt to see my kids and hear them in new ways. It pulled together so many skills I have been working on and made it make sense in a practical and easy to follow way.                                 Adina Chelom

    Life-changing for myself and my child.                                     Brenda

    I would rate it 15 out of 10. You are an extremely empathic and gentle coach. Your presentation of the material helped me absorb it very effectively, and put it into practice immediately. the many practical examples gave me a clear and obvious model to follow.     Aarti D'Rozario

    Depending on the family/person, I think this would be a great benefit to people open to learning different approaches to parenting. Antonina is very personable, engaging and supportive, creating a wonderful learning environment. Time very well spent!                                  Bridget Muhrer

I would suggest this program to every single mum & dad out there! It's fantastic and I rate it 100/10! Thank you!                      Dasha Maurakh